Sorghum United, a no profit organization

Sorghum United is an international team of equal peers dedicated to the advancement of the global sorghum/sorgho/sorgo/jowar/milo/mashilla etc. industry.

The primary goal of Sorghum United is to collaborate in creating awareness for our grain through uniform, but localizable advertising. We believe that in doing so, we will elevate sorghum in the general consumer and producer consciousness. The Sorghum United Campaign will help to dispel misperceptions about sorghum, while also equating the connections between differing regional and cultural nomenclatures for the crop.   

Collaboration also opens new doors for research and product development by virtue of connecting previously disconnected individuals and organizations who share the passion for climate-smart and healthy grains. 

Together, we believe we can make a difference as leaders in the challenges facing human nutrition and environmental change.